Instructional Strategies – Advanced Organizers

Advanced Organizers are my hero! I am a very organizational minded person and I tend to miss things or forget to do things if I have not used some sort of organizer. A simple organizer would be something like a date calendar to write down appointments and things like that but an advanced organizer is going to hold a lot more information. A great example of an advanced organizer is the lesson plan template that I have been using in my EDU 6132 Learners in Context class. This organizer lays out all of the sections of a lesson plan and helps the user to organize the lesson plan by section and occurrence. For someone like me this is a Godsend because I would be lost and confused without some way to keep myself organized. There are many other places in a school where advanced organizers can be found. A couple that I have heard mentioned are graphic organizers and concept maps.


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